Just Behave!

Various other blogs that I follow have had a similar trend lately: "What do you look for in a submissive?" Always be 100% honest Be Respectful Always do your BEST Be open-minded to both criticism and praise Never give up! Now, I'd like to mention another small "requirement"...POSITIVITY! I know that some Dominant People prefer... Continue Reading →

your place

"your place is at My feet kneeling, palms flat your place is in My grip firm but silkily wrapped around your throat your place is in your subjugation the promise of thoughtless days spent smiling your place is caged for Me kept locked, kept chaste no longer a product wasteful lust your place is focused on Me... Continue Reading →

A Technological Web

I love the age of technology; I have the ability to converse with all of My submissives through either Email, Yahoo, or Skype (or in Person). However, In this constantly evolving technology there are so many ways to hide behind a mask and keep others at arms length. Though I've found Myself briefly considering utilizing... Continue Reading →

Sensual Sadist

Recently, I've been asked about why I identify as a "sensual sadist", so I figured I ought to explain Myself once and for all. Enjoy! SENSUAL relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite SADISM enjoyment that someone gets from being violent or cruel or from causing pain;... Continue Reading →

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