A Technological Web

I love the age of technology; I have the ability to converse with all of My submissives through either Email, Yahoo, or Skype (or in Person). However, In this constantly evolving technology there are so many ways to hide behind a mask and keep others at arms length. Though I’ve found Myself briefly considering utilizing this method, I feel it falsely represents who I am as a Dominant Woman. I appreciate anyone who feels the same as I do and who strives to create legitimate bonds over the internet. This includes any s-types that find their way to Me.

So, who am I?

I am marching to the beat of My own drummer. I’ve been in “the scene” since early 2007, where I fluctuated between being a Top and bottom. In a lot of circles, that would make Me a “switch”, which seemed to sum Me up at the time. However, around 2009 I began focusing more on My Top or Dominant side. I have always felt more in control when I was in charge of everything. I met a wonderful ‘switch’ woman in 2010 with whom I currently live and share a life with. My experiences with everyone I’ve played with have ranged from the extreme to the simple. I find that I am more at ease with Myself when I am the Duchess of My domain.

When I rule over every little soldier with a leather crop and a smirk.

My truest pleasure comes from control over My subjects (or, sissies, submissives, pigs, slaves, etc). I get off on your discomfort or inconvenience…

Because, it was you who came to Me. I do not force Myself, you always come willingly.

Walking in My path, at My heels and on your knees will be a leisurely and subtle thing. I will weave an intricate web around your thoughts, and you’ll find yourself happily wrapped in My grasp where you belong. The most enjoyable part of your day will be when you are thinking of Me, so you can expect your outlook to improve dramatically.


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