Just Behave!

Various other blogs that I follow have had a similar trend lately: “What do you look for in a submissive?”

  1. Always be 100% honest
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Always do your BEST
  4. Be open-minded to both criticism and praise
  5. Never give up!

Now, I’d like to mention another small “requirement”…POSITIVITY!

I know that some Dominant People prefer to degrade and demean Their s-types (which is fine, if it’s consensual). However, I like the things I own to have VALUE. In essence, if you don’t value yourself, how do you presume to add value to My life?

I’d rather have a s-type who is secure in their submission and knows their own worth than a mindless drone who only exists to say “yes Mistress”. No matter if you identify as a “sub”, “sissy”, “slave”, or any other “s-type”, you should still have some self worth. Honestly, no one wants a useless sack of wasted ambition.

Take pride in improving yourself so you can be a better submissive for your D-type.

KEEP IN MIND: you are a direct reflection on Them, so it would be wise to showcase how well you behave when in the presence of your Domina, other D-types.


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