“Breaking Sub”

When you put a lot of time and effort in making a connection, it really doesn’t matter if it’s online or in real time. Being a FemDom works differently for everyone; Its glaringly obvious at times too. However, the main focus (for Me at least) is: Finding, Training, and Guiding an s-type.

The whole “process” (for lack of a better word) is often lengthy and full of emotional stressors. Those connections take a lot of personal investment, which could end up being mutually beneficial or the complete opposite. I’ve had my share of beneficial connections, and a few not-so-beneficial, but I see them all as a learning experience.

Mind you, I am also a “FinDom”. A lot of My “peers” are focused on making the most money, whereas I am not. Yes, I enjoy having control of your finances and being spoiled like the Royalty I am, but I am not here to compete with My fellow Dommes, PERIOD. I hope we all make money doing what we love. I have no respect for anyone who makes it a competition. I think it’s just petty and childish. But, I digress…

Recently, I met a wonderful (albeit snarky) submissive male who we’ll call Froggy. Our interactions started out innocently enough, and we got to know a bit about each other. Finding out what makes My s-types “tick” is one of My favorite parts of breaking in a new sub. Anyway, we spent a bit of time chatting in a ‘vanilla’ sense and had a lot of banter back and forth. He is extremely outspoken, surprisingly respectful, and brutally honest, which are qualities I look for in a s-type.

After an unknown amount of time (it flies when you’re having fun, yanno!) he made his decision. That’s right, he decided. See, As a Dominant, I am obligated (happily I might add) to respect the s-type who has entrusted themselves to My control. No, this does not mean I am less Dominant, it means I am being RESPONSIBLE for My actions. ALL D/s relationships are carefully balanced by BOTH (or all) parties involved. It’s not something that just “poof” happens and is a magical world of unicorns and glitter. It takes work.

I have had a number of s-types at My feet during My time in the lifestyle, some are temporary, some are more permanent, some are massive disappointments or time wasters, some are just waiting for the “right Domme” to find them. Either way you slice it, life has the potential to be lucrative and productive…if you can hack it. 😉


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