Chastity – For Dummies?


So, you’re intrigued by chastity? You’re curious how it will feel being denied your only source of pleasure, being controlled by a tiny lock, and being at the mercy of your chosen Keyholder?

Well, here are some tips for “beginners”. I hope you enjoy them and share this post! 🙂


Myths about Male Chastity:

  1.  It’s excruciatingly painful — FALSE. If you’re properly fitted into your device, it won’t be unbearably painful. Yes, it may be a tight squeeze whenever you find yourself aroused, then again, a chastity device is supposed to CONTROL that…if it becomes a reminder, so be it.

  2.  If I lose the key, I’m screwed! — FALSE. It will be a bit of a hassle, but there are ways to remove a lock that you’ve lost the key to. [In the future, purchase numbered plastic locks]

  3.  It will cause permanent damage!!! — FALSE. Chastity devices are simply that: a device that keeps you chaste. It is not meant to cause permanent damage. However, there are some accessories available that were made to cause pain.

    What will I need for Chastity?

You can search all over the internet for the Chastity Device that suits you, however I have a few sites (and brands) I prefer over others.

  • CBX – makers of the CB-3000
  • Holy Trainer – made of a biosourced resin & 100% natural, everyday wear!
  • Birdlocked – very easy to put on and wear daily
  • Jail Bird – Metal. No bending, no pinching

    Crap, something is wrong!
    Don’t panic.

    If you experience any abnormal swelling or discoloration of your genitals, remove the device and try to find the source of discomfort.

    Usually, the device is too small (yes there are sizes).
    Most chastity devices come with a variation of “rings” that are attached to the “tube” or “sheath” of the device. Simply exchange the size for the next largest!

    Having trouble getting it on? (pun intended)
    Water-based lube is fine for silicon or resin cages, NOT metal.
    If you’re using a metal lock, make sure to keep it dry during bathing or cleaning (you can even squirt a small amount of WD-40 into the lock, prior to installing/locking, to help prevent corrosion.)

    In general, you want to keep your cage clean and dry. Q-tips will help get the excess moisture from bathing in or cleaning your device. Talcum powder will help prevent chafing.

If you have ANY additional questions, or would like advice regarding how to measure, choose, or order your device, please COMMENT. I’ll respond quickly! 🙂

You can also DM Me on twitter! 


2 thoughts on “Chastity – For Dummies?

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    1. You can measure by flaccid length, which would be best. Any of the devices I listed in this blog are GREAT options, you can try any of them! Personally anything ‘CB’ would be My first choice.


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