Today, I read a status update on a website that I frequent that said the words “I will get what I want with or without your consent.”

This struck Me as very odd, because in the BDSM world consent is the most important thing that W/we can condone. If you think of Yourself as a Dominant person, your main concern should be making sure that you do not violate consent. To do so, turns you into an abuser; Nobody will waste their time on someone who has a bad reputation for not promoting consensual BDSM dynamics.

That being said, there is such a thing as consensual nonconsent. However, this type of arrangement is usually made by two people or a few people that are all on the same page.

Communication is one of the most important factors in any successful D/s dynamic. Communication allows us to explore our fetishes, it allows us to look into things that we otherwise would not considered out of fear or worry of being judged.

This community is very widespread and it’s very easy for abusers to slip through the cracks. W/we have to make sure that W/we are standing together united as a CommUNITY to keep abusers and consent violators out of BDSM.

With that in mind, I encourage anyone who has experienced legitimate consent violation to come forth and name their abuser.

This is not an open forum to complain about a certain Dom/me that you didn’t mesh with, it’s about keeping O/our community free of scam artists and “instaDom/mes”.

We have to protect O/our community from the ravages of mainstream BDSM and wannabe D-types with a penchant for blatant abuse and consent violation.

Do not support UNVERIFIED D-types.

Be smart: know your limits. A session should be negotiated before it begins, this will avoid any Consent Violations.

Please, please..Don’t be afraid to enjoy BDSM.


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