Sisterhood in FetishLand


I’m a huge advocate for self empowerment. I like to promote positivity in the lifestyle I choose to lead. I surround Myself with people that enrich My life, as I do theirs. There is balance.  However, that balance doesn’t come cheap, at all. In a Fetish world that is saturated with various outlets, it’s really easy to get wrapped up in the “What do I get?” mentality. The real meaning behind fetishes has become skewed in attempts at proving someone is better than someone else. We all have skills, it’s about finding your niche and carving it out, being unique, not negative. I’ve seen My fellow Domina’s clawing at each other in public forums, back-stabbing each other for childish reasons, and just generally being ultra-catty towards each other.

Here’s the thing…
I want us ALL to be successful. I want us ALL to make money. I want us ALL to have everything We want. But NOT at the cost of sisterhood. This is NOT a competition for Me, and it never will be. I’m not sure why some people choose to make it that way; Maybe it’s because they’re sociopaths who can’t see beyond their own selfish endeavors? Who knows?

I know that I’m going to promote positivity in the FemDom world. I work in an adult fetish world, I make money doing what I love. I want You to love it too, because there’s not a lot of fetish-positive (and sex-positive) things in the world right now; Everyone needs to have their eyes opened to the possibility of liberation from preconceived notions about sexuality and what’s good/bad for Us.

Even if You don’t agree with their style: classy or edginess, piercings or other modifications (or lack thereof), tall / short , Fat / thin, black / white / asian / latino, and all the spaces in between; ALL WOMEN are Equal. As soon as You realize this, retweet or reblog this post.

Show Solidarity with Your Sisters.

So, Be a part of the FemDom Sisterhood Movement.
Supporting each other instead of tearing each other down.
We shouldn’t be competing.


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