Body Shaming: Mini-Rant

I’ve heard them all, every insult you could possibly think of. I’ve brushed them off, because it’s usually some ‘fly’ buzzing around trying to make a nuisance of themselves for the sake of attention. That’s Me, personally. However, what I don’t really understand is why other Women choose to degrade and demean each other with petty insults about body image…

Of course, I can understand if that’s your fetish. That means it is consensual, you are OK with it happening; Everyone involved is on board with the plan.

Carry on!

However, when Y/you’re saying things that are a direct insult to someone’s body or looks, WITHOUT their consent, it just makes you look like a bully. Yes, Y/you may be “self sufficient” and a self proclaimed “rich bitch”, but that doesn’t give you the right to blatantly insult every other woman in the world. I get it though, you’re trying to carve out a little niche for yourself. More power to ya! But, when you’ve insulted EVERY other Woman in the Lifestyle with your “holier than thou” routine, you’ll have no one left to watch your back when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

Believe Me, sweetheart, it will.


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