Fetish Foul

Oh yes, rant-time. (Maybe I should do this weekly). Anywhat: I think some of Y/you don’t really understand the severity of your actions; so I’m going to lay out some basic rules of life on planet fetish…

  • Harassment is bad.
  • ‘Outing’ someone is bad.
  • Sex Workers are PEOPLE.
  • Fetish Workers are PEOPLE.
  • Adult Industry Workers are PEOPLE.
  • All of the people above are inter-woven, whether Y/you like it or not.
  • All PEOPLE deserve common decency. PERIOD.
  • If you don’t like someone’s views, don’t associate with them.
  • Don’t like Me/Her/Him/Them? (see above) NEXT.
  • STOP Trying to tell someone what “Domming” is. EVERYONE has their own STYLE. It’s called: Being an Individual.

To touch on the “inter-woven” bit: Yes, it’s true. There isn’t much Y/you can do/say about it. By posting images, making clips, making audio, video; You participate in fetish activity, consensually.
18 or over content is…GASP!! ADULT CONTENT.

So, seriously, shut the fuck up. You’re wrong.



  1. Most girls have boobs. 2 boobs per girl, it’s great. WOO! Some boys have boobs too, some MtF have boobs, some FtM have boobs. Some people don’t have nipples. WHO CARES? It’s a body, love YOUR body.
  2. Not everyone wants to show you their boobs, that’s great too! RESPECT THEM.
  3. If Y/you have ’em, your boobs are yours to do with what you will, up to and including using them against lower life forms.
  4. No one wants to see an UNSOLICITED DICK PIC. Really guys, NO ONE. (not a joke).
  5. Sex is Dirty, NOT bad. Stop Shaming people for enjoying their bodies. It makes you look like a douche.
  6. No one wants to see an UNSOLICITED DICK PIC. Really guys, NO ONE. (not a joke).
  7. Real Blackmail IS ILLEGAL; No ‘contract’ you make will protect you.
  8. No one wants to see an UNSOLICITED DICK PIC. Really guys, NO ONE. (not a joke).
  9. Body-Shaming perpetuates hate. STOP.
  10. Consent is the name of the game. LEARN IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT.

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