Walk Away

I woke up this morning to a rather rude message from a ‘potential’ s-type detailing how they felt that My partner was being aggressive towards them via status update comments. (I know, this is like high school.) Rather than perpetuate any negativity between them (and drama in My feed) I deleted My own status and talked to each of them privately. Unfortunately, My decision to break the acquaintance off was largely in part to the s-type not following one of My biggest rules: transparency.

I have been with My partner nearly 5 years, she is literally My best friend and soul mate. She knows Me better than anyone and has seen Me at My worst (unlike anyone else). Every struggle in Our relationship has been a learning experience, one that I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world. She has more than earned My trust and love and for someone to pass judgement on her without even knowing her at all, well, that doesn’t sit right with Me.

Mind you, this particular person has been on again off again (re: communication) and has unrealistic expectations of My time. They have made ripples constantly; Be it with attitude or outright stubbornness. They have also neglected to reach out to My partner despite many nudges in that direction. So, this morning after clicking around twitter for a bit and brushing My teeth, communication with the s-type ceased.

I’m not sure what will happen to them, or that I even care at this point. If you cannot take the time to talk to My Primary Partner (after 2+ years of talking to Me), I have no time for you in My life. Communication is key in polyamory, if you keep things in and neglect to talk them out with your partner, things will implode.

Moral of the Story: If you don’t benefit Me or My life, I will walk away. 


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  1. I said things to your dingleberry that I hope you read. The part about a difference in view is probably relevant. You two didn’t give me much choice but to get to know both of you from the start. The thing this other s-type didn’t get to see was all the cutesy pukefest shit of when you two were all kinds of ‘tarded with love. I think it’s another case of some derp who fell in love with his own fantasy instead of seeing you as a human being. He assumed your girl was just another derpy s-type, as if he was her equal or better. You’re the scary domlypants, she’s just another ho. In other words, he was more into your boots than your actual life.

    It’s just another case of someone expecting you to be a fetish-dispensing machine. Sorry you wasted 2+ years on that one, I hope there was a net gain >.< If you haven't seen the shit I post about *looking* versus *seeing*, fetmail me. Also, you two are free to re-post my shit from there to here as you see fit.

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