Delusions of Grandeur: newbies

Lets say you’re new to the fetish scene, you’ve never heard of Sadomasochism or the word Hitachi, and you’ve just read a few ‘books’ that claim to have legit perspective on the lovely world of BDSM. Your first mistake was thinking you could get all of the information you needed about this “brave new lifestyle” in ONE place.

There is no way you could learn everything about BDSM from one source.

Think of BDSM like school:

  • There are multiple subjects (fetishes)
  • Your Instructor / Teacher (Mentor / D-Type) is usually very knowledgeable on the subject (fetish)
  • You will enjoy some subjects A LOT more than others.
  • You will hate some subjects A LOT more than others.
  • You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your personal likes/dislikes, making friends who are into the same things.
  • Eventually, you’ll get enough exposure and pick a few things you like the most to Major (specialize) in.
  • Then you’ll want to focus on another subject and learn something completely new all over again, from a completely different person.
  • You can keep learning or stop whenever you please. However…

BDSM is a constantly evolving lifestyle. If you spend a little time with like-minded kinksters, there’s a great chance that you’ll see that in action; Be it at Munches, Play Parties, or Real Time Sessions. I would highly recommend creating a profile on Fetlife, and doing a little research. Find local groups, meet people, make friends, learn about yourself, explore as many fetishes as you’d like, understand what consent means, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to say NO.

Places like tumblr and twitter are “fetish friendly” and used by many of your peers. Google is also rather helpful at times. Use at your own discretion, folks. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

I welcome any responses or thoughts and appreciate the read!

-Miss Taphophile

Miss Taphophile on FetLife

Miss Taphophile on Twitter

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