*loyalty implies a faithfulness that is steadfast in the face of any temptation to renounce, desert, or betray

Hello readers!

After the awesome discussion on Blog-talk Radio Show Tuesday night, I was asked a couple of off-topic questions (which resulted in this very post):

  1. What is the difference between and owned sub and a community slut sub?
  2. How difficult is it to stay loyal with so many Dommes out there trying to poach subs?


To the best of My knowledge, “owned” implies that the s-type is serving ONLY one D-type at a time (unless otherwise specified). In the world of BDSM, ownership of a s-type isn’t something that should be thrown around like candy at a parade; Which, incidentally, is what happens when “new” (un-educated) D-types come onto the scene.

Some D-types have a long process for collaring someone, some do not. There is no right way to do it, so long as you’re utilizing common sense you *should* be fine. Remember; Consent is key in BDSM.

A “community sub” usually serves more than one D-type at a time. This isn’t a bad idea IF you’re honest and communicate with the D-types you play with. The problem you’ll run into is: wanting to please MANY D-types but not being able to due to being spread too thin. Ultimately, most community subs end up burning out quickly due to supply and demand; They simply cannot keep up with the D-types they serve.

Some D-types enjoy co-topping an s-type. Again: COMMUNICATION is important.

Staying Loyal is a choice. If you truly want to serve a D-type, the best route is to be 100% honest with them from the start.

Regarding “poaching” — if you were loyal, poaching wouldn’t be an issue. If you fall for every DM you read, you deserve whatever you get. Use some common sense. Additionally: if you are owned, do not message/solicit other D-types without permission of your Dominant. It is called respect, learn it.

As for the Ladies that may read this… (tips)

  • Before you get bent out of shape that someone is “poaching” your sub, perhaps you should do a little research. It is HIGHLY likely that your supposed loyal sub has contacted another Domme behind your back. (timmy knows how this works).
  • If you suspect something, address it WITH the people involved, NOT a public forum. Airing your laundry for the whole community to see will reflect badly on you as a D-type.
  • Loyalty applies to FemDom’s as well. If you talk badly about another FemDom in a public forum (where She has a lot of friends), realize that there are still loyal people out there and She will find out.Loyalty extends to everyone in the #FemDomSisterhood.

Yes, BDSM is great! It’s a lifestyle I’ve been happily part of for a while. Did I learn everything I know after reading a few books? No. Did I learn everything by studying ancient methods of corporal punishment? No. I learned from observing, trial and error, hands-on experience, and living this lifestyle for nearly 10 years. Mistakes happen. What matters is how you handle your mistakes: with dignity or disgrace.


Thanks for reading!
– Miss Taphophile

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