Your approach: Why you fail

Have you sent out a bunch of copy/paste generic messages?
Have those messages been directed towards Dominant Females or Females in general?
Have you received ANY responses?

Here’s the thing, guys…

It’s all about the approach. You cannot send a self-absorbed message to a Female and expect to get a favorable response. We know you’re fantasy factories and we know your base desire is to cater to your dick.

Most Women are inundated with messages from guys just like you. What you fail to grasp is that if you don’t stand out, you get tossed into the SPAM folder like every other walking boner. You need to step outside of the boner-box and rethink your initial impression.

Right now, you’re thinking “well, how DO i get Her attention?!” The answer is in your pocket. Your wallet is the ONLY way you will EVER get the Attention you Crave. Show Her you want Her to thrive, prove to Her that your words are not empty and self-serving, Give Her what improves Her life on ALL levels: CURRENCY.

This isn’t just about “Financial Domination”, this is about Paying Women. This is about Learning the best way to benefit the Women in your life, how to thank them for breathing the same air that you do. Women are Superior Beings, treat Us as such or cease to exist in Our World. Simple.

You may not think you’re “one of those guys” but chances are, you’re TOTALLY “that guy”. Your usefulness depends solely on your ability to sacrifice the things you take the most Pride in: money, sex and control.

take the first step.
become useful to the Women you claim to adore.

Ask for their PayLink.
Contribute to their Wellbeing and Happiness with Currency.


My PayLink

4 thoughts on “Your approach: Why you fail

Add yours

  1. Yess
    Submitting with large amounts of money asking torture is like
    Slipping into darness and is mutually craved , no boundries nohting.feel the teeth brand her dark misterious clenching grip you have no choice and has you at her mercy, and every second of your life will be to dedicated to her powerfull dark force that she administered in you the first
    Time she stared into your eyes you soul was traded and burned.

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  2. So, having stumbled in thanks to a tweet You made about torture (and finding myself wanting to volunteer myself to be available when You need an outlet to torture…then reading this blog…

    …as an aside, in a periscope type stream you said to put You in our wills, and into something else that was financial related because You are awesome…did You ever figure out what that was? Because i’ll so do it lol.

    But this sentence above was what i’ve been pondering:

    “Your usefulness depends solely on your ability to sacrifice the things you take the most Pride in: money, sex and control.”

    i actually find myself wanting to just surrender all three completely to You. i do live about an hour away so i could serve in person if needbe…i do have a chastity device which i’d gladly give You permanent control over the keys…working out the money thing because i’m largely tapped out until Oct. 4th. (And since i have no doubt You’ve heard every variation on that kind of excuse, i’m looking for things to pawn, etc so i can do *something* before then.)

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