Once you've accepted your place, giving MORE isn't worth a 2nd thought. You finally realize the truth, the only thing Women want from you is money. Now, instead of getting bent out of shape and trying to rage (or pout), let's imagine you've taken the right steps to further cement your dedication to Me. Where... Continue Reading →

Traveling Terror

Starting March 1st, I will begin traveling across the US & will be available for Real Time Sessions. These RT sessions will be BDSM-related unless otherwise agreed upon (for cash drops / shopping, spa treatments.) I am skilled in many "Implements of Ouch", as well as Humiliation / Degradation & Sissification. I am happy to... Continue Reading →

Change is Cathartic

Over the last three months, I've been lingering on the sidelines, taking stock of My life & plans for My future. I have begun the (annoying) process of "rebranding" because My plans no longer lined up with who I was, "Miss Taphophile". In doing so, I embraced My darkness, My sadism, My desires, and My... Continue Reading →

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