Booking: RT Session

must be 18+

If you’d like to discuss booking a real time session, here’s what you MUST do.

Any fields left blank will result in REJECTION of your application.


Before any Local BDSM related activity happens, serious inquires will be allowed to “interview” with Me for coffee. A $100 Fee is required to book and there is no time limit to this initial in-person.

I do require a 48 hour NOTICE if you’d like to schedule your interview.

References are important, make sure you have a few. I will ask for them & follow up. — deposit link

I will travel to you, but I expect all expenses to be covered PRIOR to any traveling.

Real Time Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour.
(most RT sessions last between 1-2 hours, depending on what the session entails.)

Additional lengths of time are at My discretion. Deposit required when session is booked.

No refunds for “missed appointments”.

I do NOT, repeat NOT, offer any sexual service. EVER.
Asking = blocked

State Laws are Applicable.
DMCA protected content. Protection Status

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