Chastity Training


 If you’re interested in My chastity training program, here’s some FAQ to help you make your decision.

This will be updated as more questions are asked!

Additionally: I Encourage you to read My blog about Chastity, here.

Do You offer temporary chastity for 1st timers?
— Yes.

How long will i be in chastity?
— As long as W/we agree. Timeframes are adjustable.

Will i have to mail the keys to You?
— That is optional and up for discussion.

Will You tease me while i’m locked up?
— I am into Tease & Denial; So, Yes.

Will i be required to post/send daily pictures of my cage?
— Yes, that is a non-negotiable rule.

How often will i be allowed to masturbate?
— hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. no.

Are there training fee’s?
— Yes. They will be discussed during O/our negotiations.

Do You provide any materials?
— I provide a list of resources and will make recommendations based on your needs.

Finally, if you’ve made it this far and want a taste…

– Chastity Training: Week 1 –


– Chastity Training: Week 2 + bonus tasks –

Since you all begged so convincingly…

– Chastity Training: Week 3 + BONUS –

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