You heard right, I offer EXPOSURE!!
(Top Losers, Twitter, Tumblr, this Site, and MORE!)


  • How many times can i be exposed?
    — the possibilities are endless.
  • How many people will see the images You post of me?
    — it really depends on what type of exposure you’d like.
  • What types of exposure do You offer?
    — humiliation, mostly. If there’s something else you’d like to be exposed for, W/we can discuss via Email.
  • What happens when i’ve had enough and want my pics gone?
    — you will pay the agreed upon amount and ALL photos will be removed, permanently.
  • How many pictures may i send per exposure?
    — 3-5 is acceptable.
  • What kind of pic quality should i send?
    — Clear and Clean pics, without ANY words or editing. (all others will be rejected).
  • What should i do in my pictures?
    — That is something W/we will discuss one on one. I may ask for NEW material, so have a reliable camera ready.
  • How extreme will this exposure become?
    — again, that is dependent on O/our discussion. All lines will be clearly drawn before ANYTHING happens. (It’s called consent, and I practice PRICK*.)

    *Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink
  • Will You ‘blackmail’ me?

     How much does it cost?

    Wall of ill Repute – $75
    TopLosers: $50
    Tumblr: $50
    Twitter: $50

    All fees are payable Via:

    Cash via SquareCash
    Google Wallet
    Amazon Gift Card (USD)
    or BitCoin.

    Prices subject to chance based on supply & demand.
    I reserve the right to do so at ANY time.


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