Kink Coach (Life Coach for every facet of the SW’er industry)

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I’ve recently decided to devote 1/2 of My time working as a Certified Life Coach for the BDSM, Adult, and Fetish Industry. I encourage you to check it out and feel free to make an appointment for a personalized Skype Coaching Session.

Daily Rates start at $50 per hour (and are negligible under mitigating circumstances.)
Increments of 30 Minutes after the initial Hour are available at $25 per 30 minutes.

Booking 3 Coaching Sessions in advance gets a $5 off their total.
Booking 6 or more Coaching Sessions in advance will get $10 off their total

In your coaching sesssion:

  • you will identify your current state of mind
  • you will identify the current problem areas in your life
  • you will identify your fears
  • you will identify your goals
  • you will learn how to meet (and even beat) your goals in a way that is comfortable for you.
  • you will NOT be judged
  • you will be comfortable and secure, knowing Our conversations are Private & strictly between Us.

Payable via Bitcoin, Circle Pay, or Gift Rocket.

50% deposit required to book, 50% due on day of Coaching Session.

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