Fetish Foul

Oh yes, rant-time. (Maybe I should do this weekly). Anywhat: I think some of Y/you don't really understand the severity of your actions; so I'm going to lay out some basic rules of life on planet fetish... Harassment is bad. 'Outing' someone is bad. Sex Workers are PEOPLE. Fetish Workers are PEOPLE. Adult Industry Workers... Continue Reading →

Body Shaming: Mini-Rant

I've heard them all, every insult you could possibly think of. I've brushed them off, because it's usually some 'fly' buzzing around trying to make a nuisance of themselves for the sake of attention. That's Me, personally. However, what I don't really understand is why other Women choose to degrade and demean each other with... Continue Reading →

New Orleans Trip

Road Trip to New Orleans this Spring! Any contributions will be TWEETED and you'll have VIP access to Our Adventure Photos! All Contributors will Be listed below. Want an easy way to contribute? Click "BUY NOW" $30 Total to date: $PAID OFF$ Amount until GOAL (including spending $): $00.00 Dolly - $500 Sofia - $300 Geist... Continue Reading →

Sisterhood in FetishLand

I'm a huge advocate for self empowerment. I like to promote positivity in the lifestyle I choose to lead. I surround Myself with people that enrich My life, as I do theirs. There is balance.  However, that balance doesn't come cheap, at all. In a Fetish world that is saturated with various outlets, it's really easy... Continue Reading →


Today, I read a status update on a website that I frequent that said the words "I will get what I want with or without your consent." This struck Me as very odd, because in the BDSM world consent is the most important thing that W/we can condone. If you think of Yourself as a... Continue Reading →

PSA: BDSM and Morals

“Respect for Ourselves guides Our morals; respect for others guides Our manners” ― Laurence Sterne Hopefully, E/everyone reading this has some semblance of manners. In this technological age, it's so simple to bypass common courtesy for a faster result. Instant Gratification, as it were, is taking the place of legitimate BDSM Practices. As with any... Continue Reading →

Limits? What??!

A lot of folks in the Lifestyle have had time to find (or experience) what they're into or curious about. In fact, exploration is encouraged! BDSM isn't about fitting into a mold, it is about finding what gives you balance and pursuing it. Oftentimes, we're confronted with things that we aren't even remotely interested in, and... Continue Reading →

Fear and Suffering in Subspace

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”  - Yoda Fear [feer]noun 1. A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. REAL or IMAGINED. See, deep in your mind, you have... Continue Reading →

Chastity – For Dummies?

So, you're intrigued by chastity? You're curious how it will feel being denied your only source of pleasure, being controlled by a tiny lock, and being at the mercy of your chosen Keyholder? Well, here are some tips for "beginners". I hope you enjoy them and share this post! 🙂   Myths about Male Chastity:... Continue Reading →

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